Nomad DTX Minnow

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8.00 Ounces
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  • The Nomad Designed Autotune tow point and bib system means this lure just keeps swimming deep, straight and true, first time every time, no matter how many bites it has had.
  • All come rigged with super heavy duty hooks and split rings.
  • Hydrospeed Belly eyelet system allows rigging assist hooks to target Marlin and big Tuna
  • DTX 165-6.50 inches and the DTX 200-7.75 inches

The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring the Nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology.The concealed Hydrospeed belly eyelet allows faster trolling speeds.The 165mm DTX minnow can be trolled at up to 9kn, and dives to 10m+ when trolled at 6-8kn. The DTX 200mm minnow can be trolled at up to 11kn and dives to 12m+ when trolled at 6-8kn. The DTX minnow is rigged with our purpose designed inline single hooks. Ideal for Tuna, wahoo, mackerel, mahi mahi and every other predatory fish in the ocean, the DTX minnow is your first choice in bluewater trolling lures.


  • 5
    Great looking

    Posted by Bruce Coblentz on Sep 2nd 2018

    They're really great looking; I hear that they work well, but won't get to try them until October. Hopefully the wahoo think as highly of them as I do.

  • 5
    beautiful looking

    Posted by WILLIAM phelps on Aug 17th 2018

    i have not used it yet but it is the best looking lure i have ever seen the construction is fabuless

  • 4
    New gen 2 run straight

    Posted by Patrick s on Aug 4th 2018

    The new gen 2 nomads ran great out on the water. The only time they came out of the water was when they got fouled with grass. Trolled up to 10mph with no issues yesterday. Beautiful lures

  • 5
    Tuna and yellowtail crusher!

    Posted by Fred Flatley on Apr 30th 2018

    But some of these at the San Diego Fred Hall Show. Right after that I ran them in San Diego down at the Coronado with a Rapala next to it and they caught two to one is many fish. Numbers speak for themselves!

  • 5

    Posted by on Mar 22nd 2018

    I like the design. Looking forward to using in a wahoo tournament this summer,

  • 5
    High quality

    Posted by Capt Tony Gatto FoxSeaLady on Feb 26th 2018

    My favorite part is that this lure comes with single hooks. I don't have to modify with split rings, and remove treble hooks. Out of the box ready to fish! No wasted time or added expense