ARGO 240-F

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Argo 240-F is a stick-bait with incredible performance. Its action is able to attract the predator from deep waters thanks to the bubble trail that it produces on the surface. The action combined to the flashes of the alluminium foils is very attractive for GT, big Tuna and other big pelagics.
This stick bait can be used with various types of retrieve: short and long jerking and WTD action. The shape and balance are designed to ensure maximum cast distances.
Argo 240-F is studied and designed for heavy fishing, it has 2.1 mm stainless steel wire and the colors are protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.

Length: 240 mm

Weight: 175 gr
Action: floating
Main target: GT
Hook settings:
Two Treble hooks 7/0
(belly) Treble hook 7/0 (tail) GT-recorder 6/0
Two Treble hooks 6/0
(belly) Treble hook 7/0 (tail) single hook from 7/0 to 11/0